The NERAK Portal Lifter

The NERAK Portal Lifter is designed for payloads up to 200 kg. A carrier guided in 2 steel tracks and fixed to two NERAK Rubber Block Chains is lifted and lowered by a geared brake motor. Any number of transfer stations can be approached. Electrical services to the carrier are supplied via a cable chain. The lifting system is designed to operate with or without a counterweight, depending on the required load and capacity. The carrier can be fitted with different types of horizontal conveyors.


As standard perforated aluminum sheet is used for cladding, but the lift can also be supplied with perforated steel or transparent poly carbonate.


The lifting system operates with or without a counter weight depending on the application.


The platform can be equipped with different horizontal conveyors. Two belt conveyors can also be arranged next to each other or one above he other depending the application.


As standard the portal lifter frame is constructed from extruded aluminium profile although mild steel or stainless steel can be used as an alternative. The frame supports the chain guide system, drive unit and also supports the safety cladding and idler.


As standard perforated aluminium sheet is used for cladding lift but perforated steel or transparent poly carbonate can also be supplied.


The infeed station of a portal lifter with transfer to the inclined infeed conveyor for simultaneous separation.

Transfer from the belt conveyor an the lifting console to the following gravity roller conveyor.

Transfer station

Belt conveyors with double rows are optional.

  • Any number of levels can be approached
  • Any load carrying
  • Sophisticated transfer technology
  • Space-saving
  • Low noise
  • Robust design
  • Various designs according to customer requirements
  • Low-maintenance and reliable operation with longevity
  • No lubrication required
  • Rubber block chains as maintenance free tensioning element
  • No appreciable chain stretch
  • Low energy requirements
  • Extremely long conveyor lengths possible
  • Low operating costs






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