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NERAK Reciprocating Lift

NERAK reciprocating lifts offer an optimal solution for economical vertical conveying in of unit loads at lower throughput rates (up to approx. 100 units/h) -from small packages of 2 kg to loaded Euro pallets up to 2 t.

The lifting platform can incorporate a reversing roller or belt conveyor to feed on or off at any level.

Lifting carrier with belt conveyor

Lifting carrier guided by vulkollan roller

Safe fastening the rubber chain to the console

Drive station of the heavy loads reciprocating lift version

  • Any number of levels can be conveyed multiple floor

  • Any load carrying -Multi-product

  • Transfer technology proven

  • Space-saving

  • Low noise

  • Robust design

  • Various frame designs according to customer requirements

  • Low-maintenance and reliable operation with longevity

  • No lubrication required

  • Rubber block chain or steel cord belt as maintenance-free tensioning element

  • No appreciable chain stretch

  • Low energy requirements

  • Extremely long conveyor lengths possible

  • Low operating costs

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