NERAK Continuous Bucket Conveyors

Continuous bucket conveyors are specially designed to convey bulk materials from one or more feed points to a central discharge. The conveying paths can be horizontal, vertical or inclining without any additional transfers. NERAK continuous bucket conveyors are very adaptable where space is limited.

The assembly with no moving parts is capable of high conveying rates, up to 200 cbm/hr. Large capacity and quiet gentle handling enable NERAK bucket elevators to be used equally for delicate foodstuffs and coarse, abrasive materials.

  • High capacities
  • Gentle product transport from the horizontal to vertical movement without any tranfers
  • Suitable for different conveying goods
  • No de-mixing
  • Nearly spillage free
  • Space-saving
  • Extremely long conveyor paths possible
  • Low noise
  • Robust design
  • Food-grade design possible
  • Various casing designs according to customer requirements
  • Low maintenance and reliable operation with longevity
  • No lubrication required
  • Rubber block chains as maintenance-free driving element
  • No appreciable chain expansion
  • Low energy requirements
  • Low operating costs



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