NERAK Elevators convince in many ways

As a specialist for almost every task in vertical conveyor technology, NERAK offers a solution.


lt doesn’t matter if you want to convey Euro pallets, single newspapers, silicium lumps or finest dusts: For the vertical conveying of unit loads and bulk solids NERAK offers various systems: From simple bucket conveyors up to heavy load pallet lifts, NERAK products are for years worldwide successfully operating and are always the optimal solution for the individual application.


The NERAK conveying systems have as the driving element the NERAK rubber block chain produced in a highly technical process under high quality requirements. The NERAK rubber block chain grants by its maintenance free operation and longevity a very high availability. The mechanical qualities allow conveying distances and loads that can partly not be realized with conventional conveying systems.


Please let us know your application. We look forward to offer you the right solution.


In particular, the corrosion-free operation of NERAK rubber block chain is often taken in an extruded rubber cooling line where the belts are continuously submerged by water.


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