NERAK elevators are used extensively from postal sorting offices to luggage handling in airports – over 50 elevators are in use in Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport, and worldwide more than 800 NERAK elevators are used in postal sorting offices, ensuring clean, reliable and undamaged delivery of letters and parcels.

NERAK vertical conveyors are also used in many logistics and distribution centers in e-commerce.


In the service industry reliability is paramount – 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.




NERAK bucket conveyors are often used in food processing where gentle and hygienic handling is vital.

The rubber block chains with nylon buckets make for easy cleaning and with no lubrication required the elevators can incorporate CIP systems.

In refrigerated environments with ambient temperatures well below freezing NERAK bucket elevators continue to operate with complete reliability.




NERAK bucket elevators offer a combined horizontal-vertical transport without additional transfer points for high flow rates. The often abrasive and dusty conveyed goods are not demixed.

Whether plasters, dry mortars, screeds or refractory materials are transported, NERAK offers a cost-effective and dust-proof solution that is economical and reliable:

  • between dryer and screening
  • feeding the mixer
  • feeding silos or bulk trailers
  • or for packaging




The unique properties of NERAK bucket conveyors make them suitable for conveying a variety of products with diverse handling problems – easily compacted soap powder or hot carbon black, fragile sulphur flakes, abrasive silicon, hazardous explosives or aggressive mixtures.

Clean bucket discharge allows precise product metering, while dust tight and gas tight installations ensure operator, plant and environmental safety.




Tyres, aluminium wheels, brake discs or motor blocks: many automotive companies and their sub-supplier s are rely for vertical conveying in the logistic chains on NERAK.

Gentle conveying and high capacities:
The NERAK S-Conveyor fulfils these requests reliably.


NERAK bucket conveyors are e.g. used for conveying silica and carbon black in the tyre production, for conveying brake lining material, battery mass or foundry sand.





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